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"As a typical driven, type A personality, most of my life has been spent trying to conquer all. Through the coaching process I have come to understand the feelings of those left in my wake. This understanding has not only helped me in my professional life, but in what really counts, as a husband and father." -- Gary Creekmore, Manager, Paccar, Inc.


Technically competent, highly valuable executives, managers and individual contributors don't always have matching skills in emotional intelligence (EQ). When they don't, they can threaten the productivity, morale, safety and retention, of other team members.

At Workplace Connections, we work one-on-one with those who need to strengthen their EQ. Whether EQ challenges are showing up as mild anger, hurtful sarcasm, outright temper tantrums or emotional withdrawal, our coaching process can help. Because we have strong backgrounds in organizational consulting, business, psychology, coaching and training, we have the right tools to help in most cases. We can separate the individual's inner issues from the systemic/organizational ones and we address both levels.

The process includes setting clear goals with the input of the coaching client, his/her manager, employees and peers if appropriate, and the Workplace Connections coach. At times the coaching process is part of a larger organizational collaborative culture building project (see Organizational Consulting), or a Team Intervention process. We may recommend shadowing a client at meetings if staff or team issues are particularly difficult.

We have three coaching options: as needed, 3 month and 6 month packages which can be extended as needed. Face to face and phone options are available, daily contact is available when needed, regular check-ins recommended prior to big meetings or events.

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