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  HR Retreat

A Rejuventating Retreat & Certification Training
in Managing Difficult Conversations

  • Retreat Schedule: TBA
  • Location: Northern California
  • Prerequisite: 5 years faciliating communication skills training or working in employee relations

If you went to work in Human Resources, Human Performance, Learning & Development or Employee Relations:

In order to combine business skills and people skills - yet - you spend your days putting out fires with solutions that often don't fully satisfy either your clients or your need to contribute - and - you feel yourself losing touch with what led you to choose your field of work in the first place - or - you're just plain drained from all of the change that has occurred in your workplace in the last few years - and - you have a professional need to increase your capacity to facilitate wise, collaborative solutions then .... This retreat is for you!

Structured to balance your need for learning and deepening the skills you need to train Managing Difficult Conversations with time for quiet reflection, the training agenda (see below) is punctuated with time for journal writing, nature walks, rest and meditation.

Given the current downturn in the economy how do you justify taking the time for this kind of learning and renewal? What can you expect when you return to the work?

You will leave the retreat with:

  • Well-practiced skills for what to do when you face intense obstacles while facilitating the conflicts you work with.
  • A videotape of yourself facilitating hot conflicts that you can use for at-home learning
  • Feedback from one-on-one and group coaching sessions about your capacity to facilitate difficult conversations
  • An intensive learning plan to help you get specific about what you need to carry your skills forward and find ways to sustain your energy in difficult times
  • Skills and capacities that can easily translate to home and community to enhance your capacities and balance your life with revitalized energy and healed relationships.

Click here to download full retreat itinerary: Itinerary.txt

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