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In the Heat of Battle:
Meeting Facilitation for Polarized Groups

It's an ideal to say that people should come to the table who want to work together and are open to engaging with others whose views are very different than their own. Sometimes this is possible, and sometimes due to history, an intense attachment to the issues, and concerns about what might happen if the "other side wins", people are closed, angry, distrustful. A collaborative break-through solution is far from anyone's capacity to envision. Yet getting together to try to talk is essential.

Workplace Connections facilitators have the capacity to bring deeply polarized community members to the table and to "stay in the fire" as they build trust, deliberate about core issues, and learn how to assess their situation using an integral approach that can create major break-through thinking.

As the fire of conflict transforms into passionate conversation about significant issues, the focus is on building the capacity of the community to be able to talk about anything that is essential in the future and to enjoy (or at least not dread!) doing it.

If your community is facing deep challenges, we have the tools to help you face into them, liberating energy, wisdom, caring and compassion.

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