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“What’s special about Eryn and Workplace Connections is that they walk through the fire with you. They create a safe space where defenses--individual and organizational—quiet down, heads and hearts align, and a new perspective develops. Looking back I realized that if I could have solved the problems with my intellect alone I would have.” -- Donna Sakson, Founder and Former Owner of Sakson & Taylor, Inc.
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Workplace Connections, has over twenty five years of successfully helping clients ascertain what they need in order to move through conflict to more vital, creative, productive ways of working and relating.

We spend time up front gathering explicit data about your situation, your values, and your vision. We stay with you and/or your team to design and facilitate a strategy that is right for your circumstances.

Whether you need to do short term couples or team relationship repair work or long term organizational or community culture change, we are with you from start to finish, listening deeply, shifting tactics to meet changing circumstances, while supporting your well being throughout the process and beyond.

Our experienced professionals in Organizational Development, Systems Consulting, Psychology, Training, Mediation, Coaching, Compassionate Listening, Law, and International Conflict Resolution, provide the tools to involve and engage stakeholders in resolving problems, enhancing trust, creating and sustaining high functioning work environments, and deepening family, workplace and community relationships.

Our clients have included some of the top businesses in the United States, communities struggling with a variety of issues, individuals, couples and families who need mediation in order to repair broken relationships, and peacemakers and community leaders working with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Whether your conflicts are at work, at home, in your school systems or community groups, Workplace Connections, has the people and the skills to help you move toward a more collaborative environment while dealing with the complex issues and various stakeholders.

We look forward to exploring your needs with you. Contact us for a free, confidential consultation.

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