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Transforming Conflicts and Managing Difficult Conversations:
Training for Families, Neighbors, Community Leaders and Friends

It's an obvious understatement to say that families, friends and communities are often deeply polarized around important issues. Learning how to have difficult conversations in a skillful way is an essential skill set in today's world.

This class is engaging and fun yet quite deep. As community groups, neighbors, friends and families learn together how to stay open hearted while speaking about what is most important to them, their relationships change from one of stress and anguish, to one of relaxed honesty where creative options to intransigent problems can be discovered.

If you find yourself either conflict avoidant or too aggressive, this class is for you and yours!

Topics Covered:

~How our biology effects our capacity and willingness to deal with conflict ~How to avoid the avoidance syndrome ~Healthy ways to work with feelings that arise during conflict ~What to do when you are "triggered" ~Assessing why/why not/when and where to have a difficult conversation ~A clear and simple 5-step model for managing difficult conversations ~Demonstrations and lots of time for preparation and practice

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