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    Maurice Zilber, JD

Maury Zilber, JD, is an arbitrator, mediator, Adjunct Professor of Law and a management consultant. For 45 years, he practiced business and intellectual property law, and for 18 of those years, he served in the management of the Boston law firm, Peabody & Brown, which is now Nixon Peabody LLP, where he honed his mediation skills in reconciling the competing demands of 125 lawyers. He serves on several commercial arbitration panels and on the mediation panel of the American Arbitration Association and the appellate mediation panel of the First District California Appeals Court. Maury received an AB degree with honors in Mathematics from the University of Michigan and his JD degree cum laude from Harvard Law School. He serves as President of the California Dispute Resolution Council, a Director of the DHAT Institute of the Ridhwan School, Berkeley, CA and is a Managing Director of Maurice L. Zilber Associates LLC, a management consultant group for professional firms. Maury has participated in and led several long-running men’s groups and has co-led workshops with Barbara.

Barbara and Maury have participated in facilitators’ training with Dr. Jack Zimmerman and Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless in the Council Process and the Flesh and Spirit relationship training at the Ojai Foundation. They both have studied with many of the most seminal transformational teachers and healers since the late 70’s, including Richard Moss, MD, Brugh Joy, MD and Arnold and Amy Mindell, PhD. Their current work and life is informed by their participation in the Diamond Heart Approach training of the Ridhwan Foundation where they continue to study and experience what it means to be a fully realized human being.

Groups that are currently forming:

Elderfire Wisdom Circles: for Individuals couples and groups who wish to reconnect to the taproot of the elder: bringing forth its wisdom, aliveness and passion. To integrate the rich tapestries of their lives into a meaningful and exciting whole- becoming truly authentic, mature human beings, planting the seeds to prepare for the elder stage of life.

NEW: “Staying Sane While the World is Going Nuts”—Moving through difficult times with grace and ease. Losing your money and finding what’s really valuable. Individuals will explore values, lifestyles, the environment and the emotional as well as practical aspects of financial loss.

"Til Death Do Us Part But Never for Lunch”: Rejuvenating Intimate Partnership: For couples wishing to Reinvent their lives together as they move towards and beyond Retirement.

"Til Death Do Us Part: Preparing to say, “I do!” Exploring the foundations of relationship, both its light and dark aspects—getting ready on all levels to step into the ancient holy temple of marriage.

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