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    Conflict Facilitation for HR Professionals

This is an intensive 2 day program designed to give human resource and employee relations professionals a strong foundation in the conflict resolution and informal mediation skills they need at work. The program is personalized to build on, deepen, the skills they currently use.

The format of the program allows each participant the opportunity to move through the blocks, fears and "stuck places" they have in relationship to conflict. Each program is specifically tailored to the needs of the individuals, and the group, and is limited to 12 participants.

Each participant completes a detailed questionnaire and short interview prior to attending the course. These assessments focuses both the participant and the facilitator on the strengths, beliefs, experiences, concerns and training needs of each participant. This information helps the facilitator to create a very safe environment where each participant can receive coaching according to their needs. Everyone completes the program with a detailed, personalized development plan based on their self-assessment and the feedback and coaching they received during training.

Day 1

Morning: Managing Difficult Conversations

This is the foundation course for the rest of the program. The tools and skills that are needed to resolve conflict in an emotionally intelligent and optimally effective way are covered and practiced.e.

Afternoon: Practice Intensive

Participants work on structured practice of real-time conflicts. They are videotaped, given extensive feedback and coaching, given plenty of opportunity to reflect on key learnings and begin to internalize change.

Day 2

Morning: Continuation of Practice Intensive

Afternoon: Coaching for Collaborative Solutions

This day focuses on the skills needed to informally mediate, coach and facilitate conflict resolution and collaborative solutions. The day is spent on learning the skills to assess:

  • Different levels of conflict
  • Appropriate methods for coaching others to achieve collaborative solutions

For those groups dealing with very "hot" conflict environments, or just wanting to deepen their learning, an additional day of coaching and practice can be added.

Program Details

Participants: Participants include Human Resource and Employee Relations professionals with a minimum of 2 years experience

Session Length: 2 days

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