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Negotiation Mastery: A Half-Day Training for Managers,
Supervisors and Individual Contributors

How much of your day do you spend negotiating? If you have to work with and through other people to accomplish your objectives, then you are negotiating.

In fact, negotiation skills have become a necessity in all facets of today's business world.

What many people don't realize is that the negotiation process can be used to strengthen working relationships as well as to achieve goals. Done properly, a negotiation can build a climate of trust and cooperation. It can result in your customer, supplier or co-worker viewing you as someone they want to do business with in the long run.

Decision-making, consensus seeking, problem solving and team building can all be greatly enhanced by applying the fundamental techniques of interest-based collaborative negotiation. Viewed as a process rather than an event, negotiation becomes a tool to enhance communication and achieve mutual gain. In other words, both sides can win.

Most of us don't pause at regular intervals to analyze our negotiation skills. We continue to learn by trial and error. As a result, we fall into some bad habits and may not be getting the optimal results we desire. In this course you will have several opportunities to improve by practicing the critical skills. Negotiation Mastery will help you increase both the competence and confidence vital to your success.


Module 1: Attributes of the Highly Effective Negotiator

The secrets of the best negotiators are revealed. Identify which traits and skills you already possess and those you want to develop.

Module 2: Negotiation Styles

Explore the impact of different negotiation styles and how your preferred style affects the agreements you reach.

Module 3: Preparing to Negotiate: A Key to Success

It takes time and it's not always fun, but proper preparation will set you apart as a master negotiator.

Module 4: Positional vs. Interest Based Bargaining

Find out why positional bargaining does not work and learn the successful alternative. Skills practice and feedback are an integral part of this module.

Module 5: Negotiation Tactics

Ultimatums, bluffing and intimidation only work if you let them. Learn how to differentiate "dirty tricks" tactics from those that will advance the negotiation.

Module 6: Pitfalls To Avoid

Take a "heads-up" approach to the pitfalls of negotiation. Avoid the mistakes that lead to deadlocks and damaged relationships.

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